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Empowering field heroes

Modern field workers hold the key to provide accurate and effective digital documentation of infrastructure. Network Collector enables them to do so.
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Accurate registration of new infrastructure

Network Collector makes it simple to register and document the position and capabilities of low voltage assets - directly from the field. Registration is designed to be a streamlined part of the installation job - at the work site and by the use of a smartphone. Photo documentation of a job well done is an integrated part of the solution. Network Collector replaces time consuming use of paper and prints, as well as resource demanding hand-overs between resources and systems.

Morten Gøytil, Skagerak Nett
"Our field workers have a lot of knowledge and will often have the best foundation to make sure that the documentation is correct".

Cut your cords - new digital empowerment

Empower field workers such as fitters, entrepreneurs or diggers to deliver high quality documentation directly from the works site to the cloud, as an integrated part of their work tasks. Digital empowerment lead to more secure, motivated and proud workers – capable of raising the bar for high quality asset documentation.


Reduce cost – increase quality

Improve the quality of asset documentation while avoiding duplication of effort by enabling the true experts of infrastructure to register assets on-site in real-time. This holds a huge potential for saving cost related to hiring external expertise, such as land surveyors or documentation consults do to the job for you.


Low cost precision with the next generation GNSS technology

Benefit from the acceleration in affordability and precision within sensor technology and computing power. Providers of mobile tech and GNSS equipment are revolutionising the business with solutions that utilises the computing power of portable devices - dramatically saving cost of investment.

Jan Stian Smedegård, Årdal Energi Nett
"The use of external GNSS-equipment is simple and efficient, and it gives good results with high accuracy".

Precise enough?

Decide how accurate you need the position of your network assets to be. Network collector works out of the box with your portable device exclusively but hook it up to an external GNSS receiver and you can accomplish professional land surveying precision. What is precise enough for you?


Closer to reality with pictures

Utilise the power of ever-increasing photo quality from mobile devices and document the job by photos. Photo documentation is an integrated part of the registration process, bringing your IT systems and your teams much closer to the reality on ground.


Register your entire low voltage grid

Network Collector supports registration of the most important assets in your low voltage power grid, such as service lines, cabinets, poles and routes. Work tasks are logically exposed in the map to all your team members. For details on supported components and capabilities – both present and future – read our Tech Sheet .


Open and future proof

Network Collector is designed with an open API, enabling integration of the information you register in the field with other open services through a secure cloud solution. We stamp Network Collector ANY-proof, and this is our promise that the app is future proof, ready to support any system our process.


What´s inside the box?

Trust in technology requires transparency. That´s why we urge you to dive deeper into the fundamentals of Network Collector´s capabilities, architecture and future roadmap: IT-staff, security champs, process owners, decision makers and fellow tech geeks - this is for you.